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Practical help with transition and implementation

Simplifies the adaption and modification of your management system. You see in a glance what the differences are between the previous and current standard.

And you keep a grip by allocating roles, assigning tasks and adding notes. The outstanding actions can be exported in a csv file.

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  • Direct access to your management system standards
  • Compare the current and previous versions
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to make online notes and assign tasks
  • Enriched with relevant standards
  • From only € 212,00 per year

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What do you get?

With the following standards you receive not only the chosen standard, but also additional documents.
Identifier You receive
NEN 7510-1 NEN 7510-1, NEN 7510-2
NEN-EN-ISO 9001 NEN-EN-ISO 9001, NEN-EN-ISO 9000, NVN-ISO/TS 9002
NEN-EN-ISO 14001 NEN-EN-ISO 14001, NEN-EN-ISO 14004
NEN-EN-ISO 22000 NEN-EN-ISO 22000
NEN-ISO 45001 NEN-ISO 45001
NEN-ISO 55001 NEN-ISO 55001, NEN-ISO 55000, NEN-ISO 55002


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€ 210,- per year
1 standard
10 user(s)
€ 336,- per year
2 standard(s)
20 user(s)
€ 420,- per year
3 standard(s)
30 user(s)
Other per year
? standard(s)
? user(s)

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